Monday, November 30, 2015

Stoke Gabriel Parish Plan


Welcome to the Stoke Gabriel Parish Plan Group website.

Our first Parish Plan was published in 2008. This website shows our progress to date, including achievements, meeting minutes, magazine articles, links, and useful information. It also shows our current projects with a wishlist and options for volunteers – all help gratefully received!

A Parish Plan brings together the views, needs and opinions of the whole community. It should be a holistic document, covering the social, economic and environmental issues of relevance to you and your neighbours. This sets out what is important, whether key facilities and services, or distinctive local character, and gives everyone a chance to guide future development. A concise action plan prioritises the issues raised, and sets out how they might be tackled. All Parish Plans are different, as they are developed by each community in response to their own needs, using their unique skills and enthusiasm.
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Download the Parish Plan


Download the complete parish plan here (5.60 MB)

Download the summary parish plan here 

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